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Mid-year Port of Halifax Update

The following update was issued in July 2015

During the first five months of 2015, the Halifax Port Authority held a stakeholder outreach session and an Annual Meeting open to the public. Both occasions provided an opportunity for stakeholders and others to comment, question and discuss issues pertaining to the Port of Halifax.

The sessions were well attended with considerable feedback which we appreciate. One issue raised at our Annual Meeting has resulted in a call to action— namely, an invitation to the key stakeholders for the port’s containerized cargo. These stakeholders have been invited to come together to exchange views and ideas on the best path forward for Port of Halifax, in this particular line of business.

The HPA is a firm believer in the power of teamwork and looks forward to similar opportunities in which our input may be helpful to you.

Another theme coming before all Canada Port Authorities (CPAs) is accountability and transparency. This will be addressed by the Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA) in its response to the recent Canada Transportation Act Review Panel.  ACPA’s vision sees Canada Port Authorities as logistical and intellectual hubs for the rapid and efficient movement of cargo, and as such, are catalysts for trade development, pursuing and supporting emerging market opportunities.

Since the coming into force of the Canada Marine Act, Canada Port Authorities have evolved quite dramatically beyond traditional cargo-handling activities to embrace business development opportunities supporting regional and national economies. Building port industrial and community clusters is happening at ports across the country including Halifax.

Continued trade growth will generate extraordinary pressure on CPAs as both trade catalyst and broker. CPAs will need to continue to develop expanded facilities and services and, as importantly, work cooperatively with their supply chain partners to improve efficiencies using sustainable technologies and operations.

Trade and transportation is a dynamic sector of our economy. The Halifax Port Authority is very focused on our role as an economic catalyst to ensure that our city, region and the country can continue to prosper and grow. In fact, the HPA has been busy working with shippers, forwarders and third-party logistics providers to grow the base of cargo moving through the port. This includes container and non-containerized cargo as both have a part to play in the overall success of Port of Halifax. This work is conducted primarily in the markets of central Canada and the U.S. Midwest, and throughout Atlantic Canada.

We recently participated in a European outreach by the Halifax Gateway and were pleased to see the Nova Scotia government and CN Rail take an active role. We continue to be optimistic about prospects presented by CETA.

Interestingly, one of the significant opportunities we have identified is technical ship maintenance and repair. The new Richmond Terminal is perfect for this and has been utilized for just this purpose over the winter months. Since the first vessel call in October of 2014, the new Pier 9C at Richmond has seen 144 days of berth utilization to June 30. This includes traditional berthage, vessel repair calls, special projects and five significant heavy-lift cargo moves. In addition, a portion of the open area at Pier 9C is now under long-term lease to a company involved in offshore exploration, and the new 75,000 sq. ft. shed continues to provide flexibility for our customers.

HPA also completed a spring trip to Asia. The purpose of this trip was threefold: to visit current and prospective shipping line customers of the port; to update the Canadian consulate staff in the region to continue to leverage this valuable network; and to present the Halifax business case to an increasing network of shippers, forwarders and like groups.

Please visit our website regularly for updates on Port of Halifax business, market data and other important information.

Karen Oldfield
President and CEO
Halifax Port Authority

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