Effective September 2014 – Please note:

The Halifax Port Authority has updated the presentation of statistical data on the Port of Halifax website. These changes provide a more complete description of the volume moving through HPA facilities versus non-HPA facilities. A breakdown of those facilities can be found here.

  • Snapshot of Q4 2014
  • Year-by-year
  • 5-year Summaries
  • Long-term Trends

Snapshot of Q4 2014

Latest Quarter – Containerized Cargo at HPA Facilities (TEUs)
Q4HPACargoTEUs Latest Quarter – Cargo at HPA Facilities (Metric Tonnes)
Q4CargoMTRevisedImport & Export Containerized Cargo at HPA Facilities (Metric Tonnes)
Q4ContainerizedCargoMTImport & Export Non-Containerized Cargo at HPA Facilities (Metric Tonnes)
Q4NonContainerizedCargoMTImport & Export Non-Containerized Cargo at Non-HPA Facilities (Metric Tonnes)
Q4NonHPANonContainerizedCargoMTImport & Export Port-Wide Cargo at HPA & Non-HPA Facilities (Metric Tonnes)Q4PortWideMTLatest Quarter – Cruise Activity at HPA Facilities

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Historical Data

  • Year-by-year
  • 5-year Summaries
  • Long-term Trend

Year-by-Year Detailed Reports – HPA Facilities Only



Five-year Summaries

Total HPA Cargo Volume
(metric tonnes) HPACargoVolumeMT2014
HPA Containerized Cargo
(metric tonnes)HPAContainerizedCargoMT2014
HPA Non-Containerized Cargo
(metric tonnes) HPANonContainerizedCargoMT2014
HPA Container Volume
Non-HPA Facilities, Non-Containerized Cargo
(metric tonnes) NonHPANonContainerizedCargoMT2014
Port-Wide Cargo, HPA and Non-HPA Facilities
(metric tonnes) PortWideCargoMT2014
Cruise Ships CruiseShips2014 Cruise Passengers CruisePassengers2014

Long-term Trend Container Volumes (TEUs) – HPA Facilities OnlyPOHLTTUpdated2014

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