Port Tariffs

The Halifax Port Authority (HPA) manages the Port of Halifax. The Port of Halifax includes the navigable waters and property managed, held or occupied by the Authority, more specifically identified in the HPA’s Letters Patent pursuant to the Canada Marine Act.

Any activity (primarily of a vessel or cargo operation) within the area managed by the HPA is subject to the (HPA’s) tariffs (fees).

The Harbour Dues tariff and the Dangerous Goods tariff apply to all vessels except for small pleasure craft and government vessels. For vessels going to private facilities, there are no further tariff charges from the HPA. However, the private facility may have their own charges for use of their premises. For vessels berthing at HPA facilities (including the two container terminals operated by Cerescorp Halifax and Halterm Limited), all other tariffs may apply depending on the activity/services required by the vessel.

Charges/tariffs for pilotage, tugs, linesmen, tailgating, stevedoring costs and terminal operator costs may apply to vessel or cargo operations throughout the port. These fees are not part of the HPA tariffs but are from other unrelated organizations.

Notice of Fee Revision

Notice is hereby given that the Halifax Port Authority proposes to increase fees 1% effective January 1, 2017 including Harbour Dues, Berthage Charges and Cargo Wharfage fees. Further, the standard wharfage throughput tiers for goods moving in containers will be unified in increments of 10,000 containers.

Documents containing more details about the proposal may be obtained from the Halifax Port Authority upon request. Persons interested in making representation, in writing, to the Halifax Port Authority, may do so by writing to the address set out below:

Senior Vice President
Halifax Port Authority
P.O. Box 336
Halifax, NS B3J 2P6

2017 HPA Tariffs (188 KB PDF)